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Pirates, Buccaneers, Filibusters, Corsairs: Who's Who Among The Brethren


You’ve probably heard of Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Captain Kidd, and Calico Jack Rackim. Who hasn’t. They are some of the Most famous Pirates of all time. They are as popular now as they were then, and many, many stories about each of them abound. But have you heard of some of the lesser known Pirates? Pirates like;

Red Legs Greaves a Pirate turned Respected Plantation Owner, and who was one of the few survivors of the earthquake that sank the island of Nevis.

Pierre Le Grand who captured a Spanish treasure Galleon with a handfull of men in a small boat , thus inspired hundreds of men to turn Pirate.

Richard Griffen, Pirate and gunsmith who survived being shot through the ear, with the musket ball exiting through his eye socket. Ouch!

Mr and Mrs William Cobham- Husband and wife Pirates...

The Canabalistic acts of Captain Condant’s Crew

Danish Pirate Captain John Derdrake, one of the few documented cases where a Pirate Captain actually made his victims walk the Plank.

Captain John Gow, who was hanged twice.

Sir John Hawkins who was a Pirate first and then became an Officer in The Royal Navy, usually this process happened in reverse, naval seamen often became Pirates.

Mrs Hon Cho Ho, Female Pirate from China who was admiral of a fleet of 60 Chinese Ocean going Junks , as recently as 1921

Captain Ned Lo started out as a hat and wig theif when he was a small boy, being carried in a basket on his brother’s shoulders.

Captain William Fly who, in addition to his Pirate status was also a Prize Fighter.

The list goes on and on.

Pirates, Buccaneers, Filibusters and Corsairs: Who’s Who Among the Brethren, lists over 650 historically documented actual Pirates.

Some are little more than a name on either a ships log or a hangmen’s list, while the information contained about others a very in depth. Some even being taken from the actual writings of the Pirates themselves.

Whether you are simply a Pirate Enthusiast or also a Pirate Re-enactor , This book is very interesting and almost impossible to put down.

Pirates, Buccaneers, Filibusters and Corsairs: Who’s Who Among the Brethren is a great resource for Pirate Names and their personal Stories. If you a a Pirate Re-enactor this is a great way to help flesh out your character. Presenting you with lots of background information that you can absorb and build on for your own Pirate persona’s “Back Story”.

Pirates, Buccaneers, Filibusters and Corsairs: Who’s Who Among the Brethren, includes:
~ Over 650 Pirate Listings
~ 30 Illustrations

~ (6 full color) by Howard Pyle.
~ Easy to spot “Hanged Pirate” indicator.

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Almost Blinded to Love

Almost Blinded to Love

Almost Blinded to Love

By: A. Mistory |
Published By: Excessica Publishing
ISBN # Excess0000230
Word Count: 33,259
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Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub

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